Thursday, March 12, 2009

QTP 9.5 & 10.0 New Features

Hi Folks,

Here iam providing the new features implemented in following QTP 9.5,10.0 versions.

QTP 9.5 New Features:

1) Process Guidance Panes

2) Missing Resources Pane

3) Test Flow Pane

4) Understanding the Resources Pane

5) Running Tests with the Maintenance Run Wizard

6) Available Keywords Pane

QTP 10.0 New Features :

1)Centrally Manage, Share Testing Assets, Dependencies & Versions in QC 10.00

2) Improve Portability by Saving Copies of Tests Together with Their Resource Files

3) Develop Your Own Bitmap Checkpoint Comparison Algorithm

4) Centrally Manage Your Work Items and ToDo Tasks in the To Do Pane

5) Improve Test Results Analysis with New Reporting Functionality

6) Test Standard and Custom Delphi Objects Using the Delphi Add-in and Delphi Add-in Extensibility

Have a nice day Folks.......

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