Sunday, March 22, 2009

WinRunner Vs QTP

Hi Folks,

Have a look on the differences on the both functionality testing Tools WinRunner & QTP.

Differences between win runner & Qtp :
  • WR is recommended only for windows application Testing
  • QTP supports Windows,Web,Activex,VB Applications by default & supports Peoplesoft,SAP,Siebel,oracle,.net,Mainframes environments also provided we install compatible Addins.

  • WR uses TSl as scripting language
  • QTP uses MS VBSript as a scripting language

  • WR doesnot have inbuilt Datatable
  • QTP has inbuilt DataTable .

  • WR supports only 4 types of checkpoints
  • QTP Supports 9 types of checkpoints ( additionally web checkpoints)

  • WR contains only script view
  • QTP contains Expert view/script view and also keyword view.

  • WR doesnot have activescreen feature
  • QTP have Active screen Feature

  • WR doesnt have Actions concept
  • QTP is a repository of actions

  • WR doesnt have environment variables concept
  • QTP supports environment variables

  • WR doesnt have interconnectivity feature with MQC
  • QTP supports this .

  • By WR we cannot test any performance issues of an appl.
  • By QTP we can accomplish upto certain extent using services object

  • WR cant run the QTP scripts.
  • We can Call the functions created in winrunner from qtp

  • WR doesnt support Debug viewer
  • QTP uses debug viewer

  • WR have two recording modes
  • QTP have three recording modes

  • WR cant Test multimedia Applications
  • QTP can Test multimedia Appl.

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