Monday, June 22, 2009

Run Modes in QTP

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Run modes in view of performance/speed :

Normal (displays execution marker)—Runs your test with the execution arrow to the left of the Keyword View or Expert View, marking each step or statement as it is performed. If the test contains multiple actions, the tree in the Keyword View Item column expands to display the steps, and the Expert View displays the script, of the currently running action. you can add
Delay in each step execution. You can specify the time in milliseconds that QuickTest should wait before running each consecutive step (up to a maximum of 10000 ms.)

The Normal run mode option requires more system resources than the Fast option, described below. You must have Microsoft Script Debugger installed to enable this mode.

Fast—Runs your test without the execution arrow to the left of the Keyword View or Expert View and does not expand the item tree or display the script of each action as it runs. This option requires fewer system resources. When running a test set from Quality Center, tests are automatically run in Fast mode, even if Normal mode is selected

Run Modes in the view of Updating of Test objects/Maintenace of Test scripts :

Maintenance Run Mode: Helps to repair the test in runtime and also Pause on any failure and interactively fix the failed step.
Update Run Mode: Updates test object descriptions; checkpoint, output value properties; Active Screen images and values.

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