Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hybrid Test Automation Framework

Here we go about Hybrid Test Automation Framework.

Prior to knowing about the Hybrid Test Automation Framework , weshould know about the existing frameworks.
Generally we have,
  1. Data Driven Framework
  2. Test Script Modularity Framework
  3. Keyword Driven Framework
  4. Test Library Architecture Framework
  5. Hybrid Framework

Hybrid Framework is the most commonly implemented framework is a combination of of the above techniques, pulling from their strengths and trying to mitigate their weaknesses.

This Hybrid test automation framework is what most frameworks evolve into over time and multiple projects.

Hybrid Automation Frameworks generally can accommodate any of the below:

Keyword-Driven & Data Driven

Test Script Modularity & Data Driven

Keyword-Driven,Data Driven & Test Library Architecture so on so forth.


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