Sunday, December 6, 2009

Encrypting a String in QTP

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QTP has an utility Object called as "Crypt" object.
As the name implies, the "Crypt" object in HP Quicktest Professional is for encrypting the strings which can only be understood by QTP's "SetSecure" method. "Encrypt" is the only method supported by the QTP "Crypt" object.

syntax : Crypt.Encrypt(Your String)
An example:
msgbox var

The output of the above code would be "4ac6e9ba26cad2886bf331a767bfa1ce055f68e66bed5d61"
As you can see, this string is encrypted which is quite obvious.
Recording on password protected fields automatically encrypts your string for example

Browser("micclass:=Browser").Page("micclass:=Page").WebEdit("name:=Password").SetSecure "4ac6e9ba26cad2886bf331a767bfa1ce055f68e66bed5d61"

Another way , how we can encrypt a string is by using "Mercury.Encrypter"
Set var=CreateObject("Mercury.Encrypter")
Msgbox var.Encrypt("QTP")
Set var=Nothing 'Release the Object reference

Using "Password Encoder".
Navigate to Start-> All Programs-> QuickTest Professional-> Tools-> Password Encoder
Provide your string inside the "Password" field and click on the Generate button. Your encrypted string would be displayed inside the "Encoded String" field.

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