Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scripting langauage info. currently used in QTP

Hi ,
Hope some of you might faced the below question among urself or from others while working with Quick Test Pro.

"How could we know which scripting language is been used currently in QTP ?"

Well, it sounds a bit easy to look at this question and I do hope some of us knew the answer already.

For the folks who doesn't know , Here we go !!!
Use the below Built-In functions :
ScriptEngine --> Returns a string representing the scripting language in use.
ScriptEngineMinorVersion --> Returns minor version # of scripting engine in use.
ScriptEngineMajorVersion--> Returns major version # of the scripting engine in use
ScriptEngineBuildVersion --> Returns build version # of the scripting engine in use.

Copy the below code & paste it into Expert view & execute and see !!!
Msgbox "Script Engine currently running is : "&ScriptEngine
Msgbox "its minor version is : "&ScriptEngineMinorVersion
Msgbox "its major version is : "&ScriptEngineMajorversion
Msgbox "its Build Version is : "&ScriptEngineBuildVersion

Sunday, January 17, 2010

QTP 10 Version - Patches

Hi ,
In view of the given below, HP introduced the corresponding Patches for Quick Test Pro 10 V.
- Support Stingray Studio 10.0/1 MFC8/9
- Recognize SilverLight 2.0 App with SilverLight 3.0 Plug-in
- Improve Performance on Siebel Apps
- Stability Fixes for QTP Debug Viewer
- Do Not Filter Invisible Windows
- Fix Exist When Used With ChildObjects
- Improve QTP Folder Browsing Speed
- Fix Corrupted File Causing QTP Crash
- Support for Internet Explorer 8
- New QuickTest Silverlight Add-in
- Silverlight Support for QC Add-in
- Fix Debug Viewer Problems with PDM
- Prevent Unexpected Icons in Big Tests
- Fix Rec Scenario Function Library Display in QC
- Add Recovery Scenario Function Library Dependency
- Add Support for PowerBuilder 11.5
- Support VisualAge Smalltalk 7.5
- Support Stingray Studio 10.0/1
- Allow RegEx's in WPF Properties

- Support Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 (Patch :QTP_00644)

Refer HP site for more info on the patches.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Script to Upload Attachment To QC

Hi All,
Here I am providing the way of uploading an attachment into Quality Center programmatically using "QC OTA" API.

Note: QuickTest should be connected to a Quality Center server before executing below code.
Dim ObjCurrentTest,ObjAttch
Set ObjCurrentTest = QCUtil.CurrentTest.Attachments
Set ObjAttch = ObjCurrentTest.AddItem(Null)
ObjAttch.FileName = "C:\...\SampleTestResults.xls"
ObjAttch.Type = 1

After the above execution, 'xls' file would be attached to current Testscript 'Attachments' Section in QC.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

QTP Version History

Hi All,
Belated Happy New Year to you all :):)

Here I would like to share the version history of Quick Test Pro .
1998 -> Astra QT
2000 -> QTP 5.0
2001 -> QTP 5.5
2002 -> QTP 6.0
2003 -> QTP 6.5
2004 -> QTP 8.0
2005 -> QTP 8.2
2006 Feb -> QTP 9.0
2007 Jan -> QTP 9.1
2007 Feb -> QTP 9.2
2008 Jan -> QTP 9.5
2009 Feb -> QTP 10