Sunday, January 17, 2010

QTP 10 Version - Patches

Hi ,
In view of the given below, HP introduced the corresponding Patches for Quick Test Pro 10 V.
- Support Stingray Studio 10.0/1 MFC8/9
- Recognize SilverLight 2.0 App with SilverLight 3.0 Plug-in
- Improve Performance on Siebel Apps
- Stability Fixes for QTP Debug Viewer
- Do Not Filter Invisible Windows
- Fix Exist When Used With ChildObjects
- Improve QTP Folder Browsing Speed
- Fix Corrupted File Causing QTP Crash
- Support for Internet Explorer 8
- New QuickTest Silverlight Add-in
- Silverlight Support for QC Add-in
- Fix Debug Viewer Problems with PDM
- Prevent Unexpected Icons in Big Tests
- Fix Rec Scenario Function Library Display in QC
- Add Recovery Scenario Function Library Dependency
- Add Support for PowerBuilder 11.5
- Support VisualAge Smalltalk 7.5
- Support Stingray Studio 10.0/1
- Allow RegEx's in WPF Properties

- Support Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 (Patch :QTP_00644)

Refer HP site for more info on the patches.


  1. Hi,

    I am using QTP 10 on windows 7 with IE7 but whenever i am trying to add any object from Application under test, qtp is not able to recognize objects and shows as "Winobject : Internet_Explorer_Server".

    I have tried so many things but could not solve problem. If any one of you can provide me solution that would be great help for me.

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. I have Web Addin installed with QTP
    2. I have first opened QTP then AUT and tried to capture object.

    It seems there is some comatibility issue with QTP/IE7/Windows7.

    Please let me know if anyone is having solution to this problem.

  2. Hi Jagadeessh,

    Hope you have installed the Patch from HP for QTP 10 Support for Windows 7.

    If you haven't, then download the patch from below url:

    Patch Name: QTP_00644.EXE

  3. Above issue you can resolve by Disabling "User Account Control" from the control panel and doing a restart.

  4. have you tried disabling tabs prior to testing?

  5. with regards to the above issue, im also getting the same error and my UAC is disabled and i have also installed the patch: QTP_00644.EXE....

    what can be the problem?

  6. HI,
    Check and modify your Internet Explorer 7.0 settings.
    ➤ Modify the Internet Explorer 7.0 security settings, if needed.
    In Internet Explorer 7.0, select Tools > Internet Options. In the Security
    tab, clear the Enable Protected Mode check box and click OK.
    ➤ Enable the BHOManager Class Add-on if it is disabled. (QuickTest installs
    this add-on in Internet Explorer 7.0. The BHOManager Class Add-on
    must be set to Enabled for QuickTest to interact with the browser and its
    In Internet Explorer 7.0, select Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or
    Disable Add-ons (or Tools > Internet Options > Programs tab > Manage
    add-ons button if the Manage Add-ons menu item is not listed). In the
    Manage Add-ons dialog box, click the BHOManager Class to highlight it.
    Then, in the Settings area, click the Enable radio button and click OK.

    Now restart the browser & check :)

  7. HI I installed the patch Patch Name: QTP_00644.EXE, restarted couple of times , disbaled the text functionality but still cant open my qtp10.0 .Throwing the same pure function call error.

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Rana,

      We have a patch from HP for IE9, refer the below info.

      Patch QTPWEB_0078 includes support for working with Internet Explorer 9 on all operating systems that are supported by QuickTest Professional 11.

      You can download the patch from HP website.
      You must have your HP passportsign account to download.$SM$iZH9ShXntQjxWQQV0Oqhh1Bk9OnxvC2w1G6RIFVaWUyeFBPUD93KOaOhpUkS%2fp7X&TARGET=$SM$

  9. Hi sreekanth,

    I installed QTP 10 and installed the patch files like 0064, 0037. still its asking to install license. Can you please help me in resolving this?

  10. hi im ganesh,
    i used QTP10.0 with IE8..but my problem is web add-ins are not working.remaining all add-ins are working n they seem like (7 days remaining) but web add-in seems to licensed.tell me how to im able to work with web add-in

    1. Hi,

      I assume you have installed the patch for IE8.
      Anyway, Web Addin is a default addin in any version of qtp...
      looks bit strange!

      "repair" your current licence and check once again....