Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scripting langauage info. currently used in QTP

Hi ,
Hope some of you might faced the below question among urself or from others while working with Quick Test Pro.

"How could we know which scripting language is been used currently in QTP ?"

Well, it sounds a bit easy to look at this question and I do hope some of us knew the answer already.

For the folks who doesn't know , Here we go !!!
Use the below Built-In functions :
ScriptEngine --> Returns a string representing the scripting language in use.
ScriptEngineMinorVersion --> Returns minor version # of scripting engine in use.
ScriptEngineMajorVersion--> Returns major version # of the scripting engine in use
ScriptEngineBuildVersion --> Returns build version # of the scripting engine in use.

Copy the below code & paste it into Expert view & execute and see !!!
Msgbox "Script Engine currently running is : "&ScriptEngine
Msgbox "its minor version is : "&ScriptEngineMinorVersion
Msgbox "its major version is : "&ScriptEngineMajorversion
Msgbox "its Build Version is : "&ScriptEngineBuildVersion

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